Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sensitive moment

Mood : forever sad sad

Assalam and hello to everyone..

Have you ever felt this situation :  crying as soon as you wake up from sleep..??

I just feel it..I think it's because of my dream and also it's mix with my problem right because of my sad massage ringtones ..

Right after I'm wake up from sleep I just can feel tears in my cheek..

It's sad to imagine that nobody love you (effect from my dreams)..

I have to let him go.....for his sake of happiness..he deserves better..

my sad massage ringtone..Korea ringtones-song from film Sassy Girl Chung Hyang..

I'm just being a bit of sensitive state of all the feeling mixed up in my heart.

That's all for today..thanks for reading..May Allah ease me everything and for all the people outside there who was also in sad mood like me..'

My heart speaks,
Believe in Allah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

oh Allah...

Mood: sad :(

Assalamualaikum..sorry for the long silence....

Today I just want to share my feeling..

Oh Allah it's's very hurt inside me..please help me..I really need you..please don't cry again and again..I'm really tired, tried to think,tried to comfort my heart,, :(

Allah, please be with me always..don't make me think about it and don't let my tears drop again. It's not worth.......

Allah, I tried to hold my tears but sometimes I could not help it..It still drops..It's because I'm always getting hurt..

Allah, please don't make my tears drops again because of something that was not worth..I want to cry when I'm asking forgiving from You, YA ALLAH..not because of other things...

Allah..please guide me..don't let me cry because of  dunya that are only temporary.......

InsyaALLAH, we will meet again..:)..Bye

My heart speaks,
Please be redha to Allah..

Friday, July 13, 2012

small talk

Salam and hello to all..It's been a long time I didn't write here...emm, actually I'm quite busy..Me myself does not know what I'm busy with..hehe

Yup, just want to share my feeling..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us PISMP MATEMATIK JANUARI 2011. Time really flies..We have been studied together for about 3 years. May our friendship last till Jannah..InsyaALLAH..I don't know whether my friend will read this or not but I do love them so much..They bring happiness in my life and although recently there are a lot of things come to test our friendship I accept the way all of you are.....because I thought all of my classmate as my siblings.
And dear classmate, I'm sorry for all my wrongdoing.....Alhamdulillah, may all things happen will become lesson to all of us and insyaALLAH after this we will be more understand each other. Anyway classmate, we only have 2 years before being a real teacher..:)

Alright, change topic..A lot of assignment to do..But I don't have a mood to do it. Probably because I'm roomate was not in room and 'he' was missing in action..dozed off maybe..hehe..tomorrow I will spend my day by hang out with my friend..I do like hang out with them but sometime I feel a bit heavy because I need to spend my money..haha.. Never mind I will assume it as activity to release my stress. It's been a week I work hard study..So, I need to give present to myself..huhu

my classmate :)

I thinks that all for tonight..InsyaALLAH I'll write again if I had a free time..bye and take care..:)

My heart speaks,
Ramadhan is coming :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Someone who loved you....

Salam and hello to are you??hope you're always in best of health..I was in my hometown..holidays for three weeks..SERONOK!

There are someone in my shout box ask me an advise for someone who loves you..well, I'm not so good in love..but I'll try to write something..hope you will like it....:)

Here are the criteria of someone who loved you...
Someone who loved you will:-
1) Bring you more closer to Allah. In other word he/she will bring you towards Jannah...:)
2) Never touch you and will only touch you after you become HALAL to him it is after married. NO
    DATING unless your mahram join the dating..SO ROMANTIC..
3) Always protect you. For example, he ask you to close your aurat.That's mean he loves you and don't  
    want other boys eye look at you...SWEET BUKAN??
4) Always be your good listener and adviser. Always give you good advice and hear your problem without 
5) The last one..look at his effort..Did he do any effort to make you as his real wife? I mean did he started to 
    gather money in order to get married with you...Did he prepare himself with enough religion knowledge in    
    order to guide you with your future son soon?

If the man who loved you have all this criteria..Don't find others..Married him AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!hehe:)

I think that's all for today..It's already 1 am..It's time for sleep..Good night all..May we meet again..Bye:)

My heart speaks,
The one who truly loves you is Allah, Rasulullah and your parents...:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Only One.....

Good evening to the cute girls and boy outside there..I would like to share a poem I created during English class..It;s just a simple and short poem....Hope you enjoy it...:)

There is one
The only one
Awarded by Allah
Can't be replace
The only one
Live deep in my heart
We are far apart
Thus we are close
That person is
The only one

Special dedicate to My Mother....


My heart speaks,
Miss my family..:(

That's all for today..Bye..have an enjoy weekend!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Characteristics of Good Teacher

Salam and hello to all cute heart outside there:)..Another work to share with you..The characteristics of good teacher from my view..

Teacher is the closest person to us besides our family and friends. Teacher play a big roles in student life’s. Without teacher there is no prime minister, doctor, architect and others. Teaching is not an easy jobs. It required a lot of patience, enthusiasm, and a desire to make changes for better to the students. Teacher’s responsibilities do not only limited to deliver knowledge to student but beyond of that. It’s also teacher responsibilities to educate student by inculcate moral values to themselves.

What is the characteristics to become a good teacher? Firstly, they must be good in their subject’s content. They must master in their subject and able to deliver their knowledge well to the students. For example, when one of the student ask the teacher question that they did not know, teacher must be able to answer it and gives a good explanation to them. Teacher also must be enthusiastic to gain new knowledge in their field. They can persuade their study to the higher level.

Next, good teachers must have good communication skills. Communication is the most important things in deliver knowledge to student. Student are more convenient to receive the knowledge when their teacher have a good communication skills. Good communication means teacher must be able to speak clearly, have a loud and clear voice, good in choosing words in speaking and many more. Teacher with lack of communication will face a lot of problems with their student and it will probably effect the performance of student in school.

Teacher with a good body language as well as attractive looks will attract students the most. Teacher who display a good body language will communicate with their student by making a eye contact with their student while teaching. This gesture will cause the student feel appreciates and this will encourage them to study hard. Teacher who have an attractive appearance for example neat looks will cause students to be more comfortable thus feel easy and enjoy while learning with that particular teacher.

As a conclusion, good characteristics of teacher can be inherited by each teacher as long as they are willing to upgrade their self to the upper level. Good teacher can produce student with high performance in both academic and co curricular activity. Those people will help our country to further develop. Nowadays, jobs of teacher become more significant. Thus, we must appreciate all the sacrifice made by our teacher.

Mathematic teacher to-be..:)

My heart speaks,
Hope I will be a teacher who not only deliver contents but also teach them how to be a   good servant of Allah..

Monday, April 9, 2012

My School Based Experience (SBE)

Salam and hello to everyone!! Now, I'm back from a long silence again I guess..;)

We again went to SBE (School Based Experience) for the third time just like the semester before. This semester I together with my friend Khairul Bariah Kassim,  choose to went to SK Lubok Redan. Actually I feel a little bit lazy going for the SBE this times as I have to cut off my holiday at my hometown and went back earlier to Melaka. I stay at my friend house located at Kuala Sungai Baru. My friend’s family was very nice and I feel like part of them. It’s  comfort my heart.
The things I can’t forget being SBE at SK Lubok Redan is the friendly teachers at that school. Actually I don’t really have many story to share but they are teacher with a lot of stories. I like to hear their stories. They often like to share with us about their student, sometimes about their family and advice as a senior teacher too. Now, I always miss the moment we sit together. I believe that we can’t always work continuously but we also must spend time with our colleagues  and mix around with people.
During this SBE, we have been given a task. It is from Anatomy and Physiology subject. The task is we have to record P&P Pendidikan Jasmani at that school. We have to been at the field and record the lesson by Pendidikan Jasmani teacher during P&P Pendidikan Jasmani. By carrying that task I been able to observe that class and I learn how to control class during Pendidikan Jasmani lesson. Besides, I also able to get into real life Pendidikan Jasmani teacher. Actually teaching Pendidikan Jasmani is not an easy job as I thought. It’s quite challenge.
This school really something. It’s just a small school but it has it’s own strength. I really happy to be part of this school. I really hope I can be back here for my practicum and meet them again. Plus, I also hope the precious knowledge and experiences gained here will be practice when I’ll be a teacher soon. 

I don't want to be  a teacher only but a murabbi as well..InsyaALLAH

My heart speak,
My first SBE brings sweet memory, my second SBE is unforgettable, my third SBE brings new experiences, wondering about my fourth SBE,,,,,