Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sensitive moment

Mood : forever sad sad

Assalam and hello to everyone..

Have you ever felt this situation :  crying as soon as you wake up from sleep..??

I just feel it..I think it's because of my dream and also it's mix with my problem right because of my sad massage ringtones ..

Right after I'm wake up from sleep I just can feel tears in my cheek..

It's sad to imagine that nobody love you (effect from my dreams)..

I have to let him go.....for his sake of happiness..he deserves better..

my sad massage ringtone..Korea ringtones-song from film Sassy Girl Chung Hyang..

I'm just being a bit of sensitive state of all the feeling mixed up in my heart.

That's all for today..thanks for reading..May Allah ease me everything and for all the people outside there who was also in sad mood like me..'

My heart speaks,
Believe in Allah